Before and After

My room right now is cover in clutter!!! I really want my new room to be clutter free and teenagery. I already have a BIG, PRETTY,TEENAGERY, daybed! I have a pretty dresser, but one of the top drawers fell out so I might make to new drawers out of fabric just for the top. Many people may wonder how a kid is blogging on a random friday. Well here's the answer, I don't have school! Yipee! I really want to have some of the things in my new room be pomogranite colored. All I really have in my room now is yellow and pink, warm and bright colors and I love those colors, but my favorite color is green and orange and blue. So what to do? What to do? I have to get back to cleaning. :-(

Peace out!
Love Audg!


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  2. I'm signed on as YOU and it won't let me change it, oh well! You cleaned NOTHING today! Get on it!

    Love, Mom