YES!!!!! Yesterday I found the remote (YAY!) and my mom found my i-pod touch! It was missing for like five days! Now i can continue learn how to speak french! So far I know the words:

day,little,snow,coffee,world,flower,red,glass,dog,tree,skirt,autumn,life, jacket,Christmas,thirst,mother,sea,leg,soup,castle,shopping,million,help,novel,thank you,letter,oh!,laugh,write,monkey,Japanese,lend a hand,Russian,dream,orange

I know it a ton of words for having the app for like three days! So my room is clean! After finding my i-pod it gave me more momentum to clean so it is spotless. My fish, Pickle, is goodin'. She loves watchin' me clean (IDK)! REmember to tell my friends to read my blog and my friend Nayeli's blog.




My Room

Right now, I'm in my pajamas sitting on the couch(blogging), as my brother asks me silly questions like how do you spell Audgie Even though that is my name (well, my nickname) I'm not sure if it is spelled Audgie or Audgy. I don't know. So anyway I was thinking about my room and how I should be cleaning it NOT watching T.V. and I should also be looking for the remote and my i-pod which I lost too, but instead I'm blogging ans watching T.V. So the reason i asked if anyone watches American Idol because I'm so mad that they let Chris Media go!

Peace out,


What up?

So here I am writing my blog and all the sudden the WHOLE thing is erased! Great! So does anyone watch American idol?


Hey bloggers! Sorry i haven't been on in a while. I got busy :). So my mom is working on pictures of my new room. It's not that we haven't taken the pictures yet (we have) we just haven't posted them. So my friend, Nayeli is working on a blog of her own. So check it out!!!!!!


It's pretty good. f.y.i willam is a boy in my class if you're goin' to read her blog you need to know that. Anyway, I have this week off so I'm goin' work on my room. I want to stecil in orange paint. Right now my room is light green. It's almost glow in the dark! :) My room is PRETTY clean, but hey whatdda think I'm ten of course it's not spotless. So if you have any friend tell them to read my blog.


Peace out!
Love, Audg

(P.S. :) :) :) :) :0)