Hey bloggers! Sorry i haven't been on in a while. I got busy :). So my mom is working on pictures of my new room. It's not that we haven't taken the pictures yet (we have) we just haven't posted them. So my friend, Nayeli is working on a blog of her own. So check it out!!!!!!


It's pretty good. f.y.i willam is a boy in my class if you're goin' to read her blog you need to know that. Anyway, I have this week off so I'm goin' work on my room. I want to stecil in orange paint. Right now my room is light green. It's almost glow in the dark! :) My room is PRETTY clean, but hey whatdda think I'm ten of course it's not spotless. So if you have any friend tell them to read my blog.


Peace out!
Love, Audg

(P.S. :) :) :) :) :0)

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