YES!!!!! Yesterday I found the remote (YAY!) and my mom found my i-pod touch! It was missing for like five days! Now i can continue learn how to speak french! So far I know the words:

day,little,snow,coffee,world,flower,red,glass,dog,tree,skirt,autumn,life, jacket,Christmas,thirst,mother,sea,leg,soup,castle,shopping,million,help,novel,thank you,letter,oh!,laugh,write,monkey,Japanese,lend a hand,Russian,dream,orange

I know it a ton of words for having the app for like three days! So my room is clean! After finding my i-pod it gave me more momentum to clean so it is spotless. My fish, Pickle, is goodin'. She loves watchin' me clean (IDK)! REmember to tell my friends to read my blog and my friend Nayeli's blog.



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